Bridging the gap from mice to humans.

The mission of CTRIN is to conduct innovative translational research
to improve the understanding and treatment of mental illness.

Consortium for Translational Research in Neuropsychopharmacology
Department of Psychiatry, University of California San Diego

Group Photo, 2013
Back row, left to right: Landon Klein, Elin Olsson, Maya Gross, Adam Halberstadt, Jared Young, Michael Schuchbauer, Dean Acheson, Richard 'Pete' Sharp, Mate Toth
Front frow, left to right: Baohu Ji, Victoria Risbrough, Desiree Hoppener, Felicia Tjiptakusuma, Jordy van Enkhuizen, Asma Khan, Kerin Higa (red shirt front), Susan Powell,
Mary Kamenski, Minjung (MJ) Kim (front), Elizabeth Flandreau, Luis Garcia, Andrea Grim, Xianjin Zhou, Sorana Caldwell, Mark Geyer, Mahalah Buell